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The firm had its beginnings in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia in 2005, with the dream of our founder Eric Vargas to forge his own company as an independent architect. He began his career as a designer providing services for large firms in the cities of Barranquilla and Bogota, opening countless doors in the workplace.

One of these doors was the construction, which prompted him to look for a work team, according to the demands and competitiveness of this medium. Years later, Eric Vargas was consolidated as a key name in the field of design, consulting and construction, and given the growth and demand of his company, The need for expansion arises and in 2016, with the link of our partner and Strategist Henry Herazo, we renew our corporate image and we are born: Acotar Group



We are an interdisciplinary team with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of architecture, specializing in the development of personalized solutions, which respond in assertive and viable forms aligned with the needs for each of our clients.



We are committed to the sustainable friendship with the environment, that’s why we work every day in offering our clients responsible solutions, which generate positive impact in society and allow to improve and transform the quality of life of future generations.

Icono - Acotar Group



Satisfy the needs of our clients, always exceeding expectations while offering world class consultancy and construction execution reflected in spaces that show innovation, efficiency, and the highest quality.



Position ourselves internationally as a leading company in design and construction of spaces, being always at the vanguard, always evolving in our services.



Our commitment goes beyond the design and construction of spaces; We build dreams, satisfactions and environments that improve the new experiences of life. We understand progress as a social and economic advance that involves generating quality of life, opportunities and well-being for all.



One of our main values is established in the sensitivity of taking care of the people and places touched by our work. That’s why the team is and will always be generous, exhibit voluntarism of our talents to meet with the needs and requirements of our communities.

Competitiveness: We offer assertive customer focused solutions that always consider the well-being of our clients and the organization; aiming at meeting set time frames.

Teamwork: We act cooperatively with reasonableness and commitment.

Humility: We recognize and learn from our mistakes turning them into opportunities for improvement.

Warmth: We create pleasant experiences with the people we relate to.

Respect: We place ourselves in the perspective of our peers, we are receptive to their needs and emotions and trust is the fundamental base of our relationships.