Laura V

Laura V - Acotar Group

Although the final intention of most retail establishments is the pursuit of profitability, the design of these spaces must first attract consumers to walk in.

We served this need when re-designing the Laura V brand. Our proposal: that its retail locations nationwide be inspired in a dollhouse were customers, (in this case young girls), would feel they are protagonists in a storybook.

Femininity, fun, and tenderness characterize the interior of this pink shop where, thanks to the spacious design, girls together with their parents can observe all the pieces of the present collection from any vantage point of the store.


  • Client: Laura V
  • Service: Retail and Visual
  • Location: Barranquilla

Retail And Visual Acotar Group

In today’s evolving environment, organizations and brands interact with customers in numerous ways. Acotar Group integrates in our work. Brand guidelines, desired client experience, understanding of product to be sold, analysis of your business objectives, desired Return on Investment.. . .


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