Magic - Acotar Goup

Launched in 2016 as a retail chain for women aged 25 to 45, Magic’s objective was to stand out in any location it enters in the Colombian territory with American Brands at attractive prices. To do this, the customer requested an elegant and sophisticated style that transports customers to a fashionable environment as soon as one enters.

As a design platform for its future stores, the first one located in the city center of Barranquilla, refurbished beautiful art deco elements typical of this sector of the city and synchronized with technology and new elements to generate the ambience desired by the retail group.


  • Client: Magic
  • Service: Retail and Visual
  • Location: Barranquilla

Retail And Visual Acotar Group

In today’s evolving environment, organizations and brands interact with customers in numerous ways. Acotar Group integrates in our work. Brand guidelines, desired client experience, understanding of product to be sold, analysis of your business objectives, desired Return on Investment.. . .


Retail y visual, Brand strategic consultancy, Engineering and maintenance y Architecture.